Our packages.

Whether you are a local business or global brand, our social media video and commercial film packages are designed for your unique budget.


Designed with smaller budgets in mind, our social media video packages are perfect for any brand who wants to elevate their content.

Starter | $2K

1 Content Strategy Meeting

8 Vertical Cinematic Clips (Each 15 Seconds or Less)

1 Month's Worth of Content

Creator | $3K

1 Content Strategy Meeting

10 Vertical Cinematic Clips (Each 15 Seconds or Less)

10 Professional Photos

1 Month's Worth of Content

Influencer | $5K

2 Content Strategy Meetings

12 Vertical Cinematic Clips (Each 15 Seconds or Less)

20 Professional Photos

2 Talking Head Vertical Videos (Each 60 Seconds or Less)

2 Months' Worth of Content


Created with larger budgets in mind, our commercial film packages are ideal for any brand desiring to connect with their audience on a deeper level.

Founder | $10K

Basic Scope of Production

1 Highlight Film (60 Seconds)

Cinematic Footage

Music & Voiceover

1 Thumbnail

Builder | $15K

Moderate Scope of Production

1 About Film (2 Minutes)

Cinematic Talking Head & B-Roll Footage


1 Shortened Version

2 Thumbnails

Shaper | $20K+

Full Scope of Production

1 Narrative-Driven Commercial Film (30 Seconds)

Scripted Story

Cinematic & Storyboarded Footage

2 Shortened Versions

1-3 Thumbnails

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