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Outside of our core team, we partner with passionate individuals and companies to bring films to life.

Team_Headshot_Asher White

Asher White


Asher fell in love with filmmaking at a young age and started pursuing it professionally in 2016. He is passionate about crafting topnotch films that bring a positive impact, all while having fun with like-minded individuals along the way.

Asher is primarily a self-taught filmmaker with most of his background being in the "indie" and freelance realms. When he's not doing anything film related, you will likely find Asher chilling with friends and family, hitting the gym, embracing his other creative outlets, or serving it up in volleyball.


Lourdes White


Lourdes has been involved in Asher's filmmaking endeavors since 2022. Her support has helped him grow both as a filmmaker and as a business owner. Today, she continues to participate in various ways that benefit the development of Shaper Films™.

Outside of her involvement with the company, Lourdes enjoys going to cute towns and coffee shops, playing coffeehouse jazz on Spotify or YouTube, and working on her spiking technique in volleyball.

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